Lose my mind’ is a cheerful song where a mixture of pop and funk gives nostalgia to the 60’s. With this song, Liedah shows a more playful side after the more mature debut song ‘Heaven’. This is clear in the music video where we are taken back to the 1960s.

The local café ‘Platebaren’ in Grimstad lent out its premises in well-known American diner style, where a tribute to 60s rockers and divas characterizes the cafe. Since the café was closed due to Covid -19, the local bakery ‘Morterud‘ provided sweet baked goods to give the impression that the café was open. An inherited VW Beetle was also decorated and got an idyllic trip on a sunny day in Sørlandet’s beautiful skerries. Inside the video are probably unforgettable influences from growing up, where “Grease” went on repeat on the TV screen and where Natalie Nordnes filled the bedroom.

Watch the video HERE!